So who manages Desktop 365?
Short answer:
It's up to you

Just bought new servers and want to see some ROI?
Prefer to keep your servers where you can see them?

No problem, Desktop 365 offers complete flexibility as to what servers you use, where they’re hosted, and how and by whom they’re managed.

Your servers or ours?

With Desktop 365 you’re free to utilise your existing infrastructure, so you truly can have your cake and eat it.

If you’ve just splashed out on shiny new servers you won’t want to render them instantly redundant. At Desktop 365 we understand this, so we give you the option to use your own servers and provide your organisation with a next-gen desktop experience while also seeing a return on your investment.

Alternatively, most of our customers prefer to utilise Desktop 365 servers and benefit from reducing their capital expenditure (CapEx).

N.B. The default option is to use our super-speedy, ultra-secure and endlessly scalable Desktop 365 servers.

Your place or ours?

With Desktop 365 you decide where your servers are hosted, as long as they’re secure we’re completely onboard.

Do you prefer to keep your servers (and data) where you can see them? Not a problem, they’re your servers so you should have the right to put them wherever you want.

Whether your servers are at your office or at your data centre, keep them where you want and we’ll just hook you up from there.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to host them at our ISO 27001 certified data centres, we’d be happy to co-locate them for you. Or, of course, you’re welcome to use our servers at our data centres as the vast majority of our customers do.

N.B. The default option is to use our GDPR ready data centres with their bank-grade security in combination with Desktop 365 servers.

Your pros or ours?

With Desktop 365 you’re free to manage the solution however you like. Defer to our expert engineers or keep the day-to-day admin tasks in-house, it’s up to you.*

We believe strongly in freeing up your IT resources to concentrate on more customer-impacting digital transformation projects. However, we completely understand this isn’t for every IT team, so you’re free to keep control of day-to-day tasks.

If you have Citrix skills in-house and just want to lean on us for consultancy, then that’s fine by us. Or, if you’d rather we took care of everything, that’s no problem also, we’re already doing this for 100’s of our customers.

N.B. The default option is for our Citrix qualified support engineers to look after the admin of your solution. Our service desk is open 7am – 6pm Mon – Fri and we’ve got round-the-clock support options as well.

Transition to the cloud at your pace

We want you to be comfortable with your transition to the cloud. You may not be ready to move all services to the cloud and that’s just fine. With Desktop 365 it’s your journey, so you set the pace.

Desktop 365 supports on-premise as well as private, public and hybrid cloud installations. Our special connectors allow you to mix-and-match to suit your needs and preferences, so you can build the infrastructure combo of your dreams.

So if you want to run your productivity apps out of Azure (Public Cloud), your Sage installation out of Desktop 365’s data centres (Private Cloud) and your desktops on-premise, your wish is our command. It’s your cake, so you choose the layers and where they go. And, as your servers come to end-of-life, you may want to move your desktops to Desktop 365’s servers, where we’ll happily make the transition completely painless for you and your users.

Infrastructure considerations

There are many drivers behind where and how to host your apps, desktops and data. Below you’ll find just a few of the things that you might want to weigh up:

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