The Server-Led Philosophy

Desktop 365 is a solution that champions a new model of IT implementation, a model referred to as Server-Led.

In brief, the difference is all about where desktops, files and apps are stored.


Faster for Users

Better for Scaling

What is Server-Led?

It’s all in the background – less device, more server.

Perhaps more commonly referred to as “virtualisation”, Server-Led is Desktop 365’s way of better encapsulating how this concept differs to the traditional IT model: Device-Led.

Server-Led IT uses cloud technology to shift a user’s computing away from their device to a centralised, hosted location – a philosophy becoming increasingly mainstream.




We've benefited from a 20% increase in productivity as a result of moving to this solution.

Business Development Director, Ecus

We have an IT model that is highly secure, requires no maintenance and will serve us for years to come.

CEO, KIS Lettings
Sage 50 application accessed on multiple devices – desktop computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone

The growth of Server-Led IT

You’ve probably heard of it before, but not like this.

The Server-Led approach became mainstream when Microsoft introduced Office 365. The benefits are clear, access from any device – it’s now assumed all Office users will eventually adopt Office 365.

Combined with Citrix technology, you can now access Microsoft Windows desktops files and other existing business applications in the same way. Desktop 365 lets users pick up their work desktops exactly how they left, using any device.

While there’s no right or wrong answer to IT models, many see the Server-Led approach as the future due to its numerous additional benefits.

We needed a solution that enabled us to embrace digital modernisation whilst still being fully secure.

Partner, Kenneth M Barrow

The unique solution will add a tangible edge to the performance of the Metnor Group.

Finance Director, Metnor

The demise of Device-Led IT

Device-Led IT will probably never entirely die but, simply put, it’s a legacy model for IT conceived before the Internet even existed.

And while the Device-Led approach has evolved greatly alongside the Internet, there are compelling arguments for how the Server-Led model takes greater advantage of the Internet’s capabilities.

Principally, the Device-Led approach has become restrictive for end users, poses unnecessary compliance risks and creates barriers to scalability. All of which are solved by the Server-Led model.

Device-Led Vs Server-Led

A simple change makes all the difference.

If you’re still unclear on the traditional, Device-Led approach to IT and how it differs to the Server-Led model; our side-by-side comparison should help bring it to life.

What about the user?

If you’re curious how Server-Led IT differs from a user’s perspective, follow this simple step-by-step guide.

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