Desktop 365 for Pharmaceutical

Supercharge R&D efficiency and productivity and reduce time to market.

Lower capital expenditure on IT infrastructure and free up IT resources to work on patient-impacting digital transformation projects.


About the Pharmaceutical sector

The pharmaceutical sector consists of Mainline Firms / Brand Developers, Biotechnology / R&D Firms, and Generic Competition. It’s a highly regulated and complex sector where increased efficiencies, greater agility and lower costs are becoming growing concerns.

Why Desktop 365 for

Boost R&D productivity

By facilitating collaboration and boosting compute power

R&D Simplified

Pharmaceutical Research and Development teams are renowned for producing an inordinate amount of data. Thankfully Desktop 365 allows data locations to be consolidated and accessed through a unified interface. Documents can be added to workflows and collaborated on easily by disparate teams. All of these changes allow pharmaceutical firms to improve the efficiency of back-office operations, increase responsiveness and improve the agility of complex processes.

Tackle profit squeezes

By reducing direct costs and improving efficiences

Beat the global price backlash

Developing new medicines is expensive business. This has led to many new medicines being cost-prohibitive for the NHS to make widely available. Increased scrutiny of pharmaceutical pricing has added significant pressure to reduce prices, with regulation likely to be introduced. As such, it has never been so important for pharmaceutical companies to get a handle on their costs in order to protect existing profit margins while reducing the cost of medicines to the public and health services. Desktop 365 helps to drive efficiencies, reduce capital expenditure and quicken the time to market.

Free up IT resources

By removing complex internal IT infrastructure

Lay strong foundations for Digital Transformation

In order to remain competitive and reduce time to market pharmaceutical firms need to take advantage of the latest advances in technology. However, IT teams are often too swamped with internal admin tasks to be able roll out Digital Transformation projects that improve the customer experience. Desktop 365 is ideal for transforming back-office processes to free up IT resources to work on other strategic projects.

Pharmaceutical Sector Applications

We’ve hosted countless legacy and on-premise software for our customers to enable remote access to their critical applications. In the pharmaceutical sector this could include application types such as Supply Chain Management, ERP Software, Quality Management, Knowledge / Learning Management, Merger and Acquisition Software, Manufacturing / Production Management, New Product Forecasting, Process / Statistical Analysis Software and Risk Mitigation.

We’re yet to find an application we can’t host. Here are just a few examples of pharmaceutical orientated apps that customers may be looking to either host in the cloud or, if the application is web or cloud based, to make more secure. Either way, Desktop 365 can help.

Pharmaceutical Sector In The News



Fine: £8 million

What happened?

An investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority found that Aspen had engaged in anti-competitive practices, serving to push up the prices of a life-saving drug. As a result, the NHS were awarded £8m.

Why was it avoidable?

Regulation in the pharmaceuticals sector is ever-increasing. Pharmaceutical firms are being placed under increased scrutiny and pressure to provide drugs at a fair price. As such pharma firms are becoming well aware that maintaining profits through manipulation of the markets will no longer be tolerated by regulatory bodies. The obvious solution to maintaining profits is to stringently pursue cost reductions in all areas of the business. Implementing Desktop 365 can help to significantly reduce R&D costs by enabling R&D teams to become more productive and therefore more efficient. It also helps to drive-down capital expenditure and frees up IT resource to implement systems that can increase process efficiencies and provide greater insights into current costs.

Facilitating compliance

Desktop 365 is a highly certified solution which means that your company can benefit from partnering with us on your IT infrastructure. Our data centres are also ISO 27001 compliant so you can be confident in our third party partners too.

All of this helps our customers to be compliant with regulations around the healthcare sector as well as to obtain certification of their own. See our current certifications below.

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