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While Desktop 365 is popular with specific UK sectors, it’s also the ideal IT solution for any business concerned with high-compliance and/or flexible working practices.

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As far as IT solutions go, Desktop 365 can provide a tangible edge to any business. That being said, there are some very sector-related benefits to using Desktop 365 that are worth exploring further.

Each sector in the UK has its own workforce-related conundrums, compliance issues and regulatory hoops that need to be jumped through. Let’s discover how Desktop 365 can help eradicate these sector-specific pain points.

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Charity / NFP

  • Reduced licencing costs to make the most of your budget.
  • First-rate managed IT that can be scaled up or down depending on current funding levels.
  • Save money by operating a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy for paid staff and volunteers.


  • Graphics packages allow performance-intensive apps to run effectively on any device.
  • Empower designers and engineers to work effectively with machines on-site.


  • Secure your customers' personal and financial information by locking down system access and download permissions.
  • Protect against costly downtime by enabling our business continuity add-on.


  • Stay connected and keep systems up-to-date in real-time while attending viewings, making inspections, performing surveys etc.
  • Keep tenant and customer data secure thanks to Multi-Factor Authenication (MFA) and secure ISO 27001 data centres.

Public Sector

  • Ultra-secure and compliant IT solution with implementation and management by our expert, G-Cloud accredited delivery partners, Atlas Cloud.
  • Transform ageing IT infrastructures within months, not years, and benefit from the future-proof scalability of the cloud.
  • Make vital legacy applications more accessible while keeping them in your control.


  • Super-fast login times and all-round improvement on workforce efficiency makes for happy recruiters.
  • Empower recruiters to work flexibly from anywhere, at any time, ensuring they're ready when opportunities land.

Travel & Leisure

  • Highly scalable solution can be flexed up and down so you only pay for the resources required based on seasonality.
  • Easily connect disparate branches and say goodbye to maintaining multiple servers.
  • Replace ageing desktops with inexpensive Thin Clients that last more than twice as long.

Sector not listed?

Don’t worry if you don’t see your sector above, it doesn’t mean we can’t provide you with a solution.

Desktop 365 is a solution that’s applicable to all sectors. After all, what company doesn’t want to increase their IT security, regulatory compliance, workforce mobility and productivity?
Get a quick quote and you could soon be reaping the benefits of Desktop 365.

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