Desktop 365 for Legal Services

Supercharge your fee earners with the power of the cloud and none of the associated disruption.

Modernise existing case management systems and more without having to adopt new applications.

About the Legal Services sector

The legal services sector has seen a trend in recent years of firms looking to increase operational efficiencies in order to gain competitive advantage.

There has also been a push to promote more agile working practices in order to attract and retain top legal talent.

On top of this, a post-GDPR world is placing more and more stringent controls and regulatory requirements around the handling of sensitive case data.

Why Desktop 365 for
Legal Firms?

Supercharge fee earners

By increasing efficiency and case delivery speed

Maximise efficiency

Fee earners are the lifeblood of any law practice so maximising their efficiency and case delivery speed is always priority. Desktop 365 not only provides a massive boost to the productivity and efficiency of your fee earners but also provides the platform for more flexible working practices that will ultimately help you to attract and retain top legal talent.

Breathe new life into your apps

By hosting favoured on-premise applications in the cloud

Modernise applications

Many law firms use software and applications that require a local install either on user devices, servers or most commonly on both. While more accessible cloud alternatives are available, many practices are simply not willing to lose the rich features they enjoy with their current technology. Desktop 365 ensures you don’t need to make this trade-off.

In addition, law firms can’t afford to have significant disruption to their processes, they need to keep cases moving. Implementing new technology can cause massive disturbance. Desktop 365 can virtualise many of your existing apps and processes so you can still work in the same way with the same tools, zero disruption and greater flexibility.

Streamline accreditation processes

By increasing compliance, security and control

Simplify compliance

Obtaining industry standard accreditation, such as Lexcel and Cyber Essentials, is extremely important for law firms looking to thrive in the high-competition legal services sector. Desktop 365 simplifies the process of becoming accredited by helping in the areas of business continuity, flexible working, monitoring, compliance, and email, internet and network security.

Accreditations are not just a one-hit wonder either, they must be continually earned. For Cyber Essentials eligibility is assessed yearly while for Lexcel it is every 3 years. Desktop 365 will help to keep you compliant with many aspects of these standards, ultimately making it easier for you to gain accreditation.

Legal Sector Testimonials

We have transformed the IT of many notable firms in the legal sector.


After detecting serious issues with our previous IT setup, we needed a solution that enabled us to embrace digital modernisation whilst still being fully secure. Staff now have the ability to work around the clock, when it suits them.The main thing is that you can’t beat the safety, security and compliance Atlas offers.

Kenneth M Barrow

Legal Sector Applications

We’ve hosted countless legacy and on-premise software for our customers to enable remote access to their critical applications. This includes Case Management Systems, Dictation Software, Contract Management Systems, Collaboration Applications and Practice Management Systems. 

We’re yet to find an application we couldn’t host. Here are just a few examples of law orientated apps that we successfully host for our customers.

Legal Sector In The News

Crown Prosecution Service


Fine: £325,000

What happened?

The CPS no less was fined £325,000 following the loss of unencrypted DVDs containing police interview recordings of 15 victims due to be used at trial. The DVDs had been sent from one CPS office to another via courier and went missing from reception.

Why was it avoidable?

Physically transferring data introduces a significant element of human risk and passing it through a 3rd party increases this even further. Desktop 365 virtualises your data stores so they can instantly be accessed by any of your offices when required. Sensitive data never has to leave your network, signifcantly reducing the risk of receiving hefty fines relating to data breach. Malicious access is restricted via Multi-Factor Authentication, heavily encrypted communications between your network and data centres, and storing data virtually and never on susceptible devices.

Facilitating compliance

Desktop 365 is a highly certified solution which means that your company can benefit from partnering with us on your IT infrastructure. Our data centres are also ISO 27001 compliant so you can be confident in our third party partners too.

All of this helps our customers to be compliant with legal regulations as well as to obtain certification of their own. See our current cerifications below.

What's Next?

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