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Ensure company and patient data is ultra-secure while enabling on-the-go access to essential systems for mobile workers.

Tackle external and internal threats to sensitive data which has become highly lucrative for cyber criminals and rogue employees.

About the Healthcare sector

The healthcare sector is about as highly regulated as they come, with workers having access to incredibly confidential patient data. Healthcare providers therefore need a service provider that is able to demonstrate a high level of compliance with regards to handling sensitive data. 

Healthcare organisations invariably have a significant amount of mobile workers who can be required at multiple locations on any given day to visit patients and clinics. As such, connectivity and secure access to all vital systems are paramount in order to provide a seamless, confidential service.

Why Desktop 365 for

Secure patient and company data

By partnering with a service provider that takes data security as seriously as you do.

A highly secure solution

The healthcare sector is highly regulated and organisations must ensure patient confidentiality is maintained at all times. It is therefore paramount that healthcare providers select a service provider who is at the top of their game when it comes to data security. Thankfully, Desktop 365 is delivered by Atlas Cloud, a highly respected and certified managed service provider with a track record of successfully securing and mobilising UK businesses.
Data breaches now carry extremely large financial penalties which can cripple an organisation. Now is the time to invest in Desktop 356, to protect your company from such monetary threats while mobilising your workforce at the same time.

Connect mobile workforces

By enabling access to all applications and data while on the move.

Seamless connectivity

Remote access to information is extremely important to healthcare organisations. However, usually this comes at the cost of data security, leading to sleepless nights for those responsible for system access. But it doesn’t have to be this way, Desktop 365 allows your workers full access to all the applications and data they need from anywhere, on any device, without the worry that confidential data could be compromised (whether deliberately or accidentally).

Manage the insider threat

By securing applications and adding granular controls and intelligent analytics.

Don't ignore the enemy within

Health care records are extremely lucrative and therefore highly coveted by cyber attackers and rogue employees. In fact, health records can sell for as much as 6 times more than PII (Personally Identifiable Information). So you can guarantee that cyber attackers will at some point target your organisation but it is also highly possible that your employees heads will be turned by the amount the could earn on the dark web.
Thankfully, Desktop 365 offers advanced solutions to tackle both external and internal threats to healthcare organisations. The insider threat is often overlooked and even if your employees are 100% trustworthy there is still a significant chance that they could accidentally compromise your network and therefore your customer / patient data.

Healthcare Testimonials

We help healthcare companies on their Digital Transformation journey, even virtualising and securing their legacy apps to provide greater workforce mobility while maintaining functionality. 

NEO Orthodontics

Neo Orthodontics are now able to access everything, on any device, from any one of their locations with a standardised Windows experience. Their Pearl Dental Software has also been moved to the cloud with uncompromised performance and full functionality when accessed remotely.

NEO Orthodontics

Healthcare Sector Applications

We’ve hosted countless legacy and on-premise software for our customers to enable remote access to their critical applications. In the healthcare sector this could include application types such as Medical Practice Management, Electronic Health / Medical Records (EHR / EMR), Healthcare Management Information Systems, Imaging and Visualisation, Appointment Scheduling etc.

We’re yet to find an application we couldn’t host. Here are just a few examples of healthcare orientated apps that customers may be looking to either host in the cloud or, if the application is web or cloud based, to make more secure. Either way, Desktop 365 can help.

Healthcare Services Sector In The News



Fine: £175,000

What happened?

A Bupa employee obtained the information of 547,000 Bupa customers over a 2 month period at the start of 2017. The employee accessed the information from the companies CRM system and sent sensitive information to his personal email account in the form of bulk reports. Bupa were only informed of the data breach when a 3rd party noticed the data was being sold on the dark web. The ICO fined Bupa £175,000 and concluded that they didn’t routinely monitor interactions with the CRM nor were they able to detect unusual activity such as bulk data extracts. Had this data breach occurred in the GDPR era the fine would have been substantially higher.

Why was it avoidable?

Admittedly, monitoring CRM systems has long been an issue for organisations in any sector. However, that was before Desktop 365. With Desktop 365 it’s possible to have granular control over user access as well benefiting from intelligent analytics that can profile and monitor users, even taking pro-active steps to counteract potential threats. Access control can include locking down or restricting the use of personal email accounts, watermarking data, flagging if large downloads take place, preventing USB access or copy and paste etc. Desktop 365 is ideal for healthcare companies wishing to add a much needed additional layer of security to critical applications hosting sensitive patient data. It can help to secure apps regardless of location, be they on-premise, web or SaaS.

Facilitating compliance

Desktop 365 is a highly certified solution which means that your company can benefit from partnering with us on your IT infrastructure. Our data centres are also ISO 27001 compliant so you can be confident in our third party partners too.

All of this helps our customers to be compliant with regulations around the healthcare sector as well as to obtain certification of their own. See our current certifications below.

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