Desktop 365 for Financial Services

Ensure your company and customer data is protected by creating a digital perimeter around your internal network.

Modernise existing on-premise systems by hosting them in the cloud, effectively turning them into SaaS solutions.


About the Financial Services sector

The financial services sector is about as highly regulated as they come. As such the protection and integrity of data is of paramount importance.

For many financial services companies there is a growing desire to modernise but this is often curtailed by highly bespoke on-premise systems in which they are highly invested.

On top of this, financial service companies have a preference towards handling all IT in-house. However, with the increasing acceptance of the importance of cloud in modernising operations, they are coming to the realisation that this may not be entirely plausible.

The issues are the same across the breadth of the financial services sector, from accounting to banking, insurance to investment banking, and wealth management to private equity/venture capital.

Why Desktop 365 for
Financial Services?

Reduce risk and boost compliance

By removing points of failure and reducing points of entry

A high-compliance solution

The financial services industry is highly regulated and as such it requires a high-compliance solution. Desktop 365 is ideal for financial services companies because it offers unparalleled granular control over data security to counteract both external and internal threats. With access to customer funds and confidential information, data needs to be handled with extreme care in order to prevent crippling fines and irreparable reputation damage.

Desktop 365 is a solution brought to you by Atlas Cloud, a highly certified Managed Services Provider so you can rest assured that you are dealing with a company who take data protection as seriously as you do.

Modernise your existing setup

By enhancing the delivery of existing systems rather than implementing complex new ones.

Pain-free transformation

Financial services companies often find themselves in the situation where they’d like to explore the possibilities of the cloud but still wish to maintain their existing systems. In the past, with systems being so highly bespoke, this has been somewhat of a non-starter. However, now Desktop 365 can make this a reality, by virtualising applications to enable companies to experience the speed and availability of the cloud while preserving functionality.

Adopting the latest technology is often thought to be the domain of startups, but Desktop 365 can seamlessly be integrated with legacy systems, helping to repel the challenge of Fintech disruptors. Never before has it been so easy to promote a more efficient, productive and agile way of working. And what’s more, there’s zero adoption period as Desktop 365 is reassuringly familiar.

Place your IT in safe hands

By accessing award-winning support and consultancy from Atlas Cloud

Work with the best

Your Desktop 365 solution will be implemented by the award-winning team at Atlas Cloud. As such, you’re accessing almost 10 years of expertise in building cloud infrastructure with Citrix and Microsoft technology. Atlas Cloud follow a highly bespoke approach to solution design, ensuring that the final product is perfectly aligned to your business. What’s more, as a managed Citrix account, they can garner expert support and consultancy direct from Citrix themselves.

Replicating this level of expertise in-house would not only be a thankless task but also a very expensive one. By purchasing Desktop 365 you’re partnering with a company that never rests on it’s laurels and continually looks to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible with cloud.

Financial Services Testimonials

We have transformed the IT of many notable firms in the financial services sector.


We’re delighted by their service and impressed by their strong focus on security such as offering to implement Two-Factor Authentication amongst other services all within an ISO 27001 framework.

HD Decisions

Financial Services Sector Applications

We’ve hosted countless legacy and on-premise software for our customers to enable remote access to their critical applications. This includes Accountancy, Stock Trading, ERP, Financial Analysis, Insurance and Risk Management, Security and Contract Management, Document Management and Payment Processing.

We’re yet to find an application we couldn’t host. Here are just a few examples of finance orientated apps that we successfully host for our customers.

Financial Services Sector In The News



Fine: £500,000

What happened?

Equifax failed to patch all of their servers that were left exposed by a severe vulnerability in the Apache Struts Java framework. A joint investigation by the FCA and ICO found that 657,423 UK customers had personal details compromised. On top of this a further 15 million records containing names and date of births were also accessed as Equifax was holding publically available data from various sources. The ICO imposed the maximum penalty of £500k as the data breach took place before the GDPR came into place. GDPR regulations allow for much higher fines of up to £17 million or 4% of global turnover.

Why was it avoidable?

Equifax was warned about the vulnerability and did inform their IT administrators via email that a patch would need to be applied urgently. Crucially, however, the distribution list that they used to send this email was not up-to-date and therefore the notification wasn’t received by all administrators. Desktop 365 centralises systems and allows for the automatic patching of devices and servers. It negates the need for manually rolling out patches and takes away the element of human error (e.g. admins not being sent the email, admins perhaps not opening the email). Either way the notification and subsequent application of such an important security patch needs a far more robust approach than sending a group email and hoping that all the parts will fit into place.

Facilitating compliance

Desktop 365 is a highly certified solution which means that your company can benefit from partnering with us on your IT infrastructure. Our data centres are also ISO 27001 compliant so you can be confident in our third party partners too.

All of this helps our customers to be compliant with financial regulations as well as to obtain certification of their own. See our current certifications below.

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