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Key Features

Desktop 365 is an all-in-one IT solution that gives companies more for their budget.
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A happy, empowered workforce

The user-focused Server-Led IT model may even improve your employer brand.
  • A faster, more accessible computing experience which empowers employees to work from anywhere.
  • Similarly, it may help with hard-to-fill roles by accessing truly-remote workers.
  • Easy and fast managed solution means queries and issues are dealt with much quicker.
  • Significantly reduced likelihood of application crashes and super-fast bootup times gives frustration-free day-to-day experiences.
  • No requirements to lug heavy laptops around for business travel or work from home, offering the ability to pick up from any device or by carrying light, all-day battery Chromebooks or iPads (for example).
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A more agile workforce… and business

A faster, more accessible work environment makes employees work faster, giving your business the edge.
  • Employees can access and complete work more often, from any device and in any location.
  • Low bandwidth or even unsecured public connections won’t limit the ability to work (without security risks).
  • Users become more productive when at work – spending less time on finding/loading applications*, bootups and shutdowns as well as far fewer crashes.
  • Highly compatible with peripherals including printers, web cams, audio recorders, drawing tablets, etc.
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*indicates optional feature

Disruption-free change

Extensive backward compatibility with existing business apps.

  • Familiar Windows interface means your desktop is just like it always was, only much more scalable and flexible.
  • Existing on-prem / legacy applications can be seamlessly hosted. We have a long track record of successful implementations.
  • Not restricted by niche language requirements like SQL and C#.
  • Bespoke applications can also be incorporated.
  • A plug-and-play experience for your users with an intuitive workspace that's designed to make your life easier, not harder.
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Bank-grade security
as standard

Secure-by-design Server-Led solution is equipped for a GDPR-governed world.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) login process protects against unwanted access to everything.
  • 256-bit encryption of files and email content (at rest and in transit) and no data is actually stored on end user devices.
  • All-in-one patch management process with minimised lead times.
  • Whitelist and blacklist URLs to enhance compliance and protect against malicious content.
  • Identify risky browsing activity and divert to a secure and isolated cloud-hosted browser to avoid network infection.
  • Detect and prevent unusual access to sensitive data, excessive file sharing and downloads, and potential ransomware attacks.
  • Track and control user actions when using SaaS apps to protect intellectual property and sensitive data.*
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*indicates optional feature

Enhanced team collaboration

Extend the restriction-free experience between employees with content collaboration features.*
  • Share and collaborate on sensitive files using secure links.*
  • Create structured workflows to simplify the processing of your routine tasks.*
  • Connect to disparate sources of file storage, including both network and cloud storage, all from one place.*
  • Control selected content from being downloaded or enable watermarking to prevent data exfiltration.*
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*indicates optional feature

Greater control over SaaS applications

The comprehensive Single Sign-On (SSO)* and Intelligent Analytics* can be configured for almost any SaaS application.
  • Innovative Server-Led solution combined with SSO* gives wide-ranging control over SaaS apps, previously not possible.
  • Watermark usage, record sessions and block access of any user.*
  • No more additional passwords for users to remember – just one single and secure, multi-factor login experience for all aspects of work.*
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*indicates optional feature

Greater control over more devices

Centralised Access Management* ticks the high-compliance boxes.
  • All-in-one interface offers a single pane of glass to manage and control users, devices and their workspaces.*
  • Manage all devices via a unified experience regardless of OS (e.g. iOS, Android, Win 10, macOS, Chrome).*
  • Support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives with personal and work apps safely coexisting.
  • Integrated analytics tools mean no more juggling multiple monitoring tools.*
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*indicates optional feature

A more efficient operating process

The innovative Server-Led model makes costing predictable and increases efficiencies.
  • Eliminates large, one-off hardware costs.^
  • Also eliminates any unused capacity from hardware, meaning consistent 100% utilisation.^
  • Dramatically-reduced likelihood of on-site maintenance, meaning goodbye to inefficient call out charges.^
  • Server-based computing processing means low cost end user devices can be supplied with no loss of user performance.
  • Lower-spec user devices are also cheaper to power and will require less office-based air-conditioning.
  • The price you see is the total cost of IT; arranged on a per user, per month basis – meaning scaling users is simple and efficient.^
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^when using recommended hosting option

Greater usage transparency and control

Intelligent, AI-powered analytics* gives you confidence in your users… welcome or not.
  • Monitor risky domain access and data download / upload volumes, set automatic blocking walls for particular user roles or patterns.
  • Receive pro-active notifications and alerts to ensure system health.
  • Track app usage and network resource utilisation to help with capacity planning.
  • Risk score and assess users and applications in order to mitigate potential issues.
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*indicates optional feature

What about the user?

If you’re curious how Server-Led IT differs from a user’s perspective, follow this simple step-by-step guide.

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