Desktop 365 for Education

Offer consistent computing on-site and at home, reduce (or possibly eliminate) the cost of end user devices and more with Server-Led IT.

Growing Multi-Academy Trusts will also appreciate the high scalablity of Desktop 365.

About the Education sector

As students increasingly take computing for granted, care for machines seems to have suffered and, with it, wastage risen. On top of this, the younger generation have become all too accustomed to ‘pick-up-where-you-left-off’ consumption, meaning the gap between expectation and student experience is widening.

Teaching and admin staff are increasingly overworked and efficiencies must be sought to alleviate their pressures and reduce churn.

The growing sub-sector of Multi-Academy Trusts are looking for scalable solutions that increase economies to deliver more effective teaching.

How can a Server-Led IT solution like Desktop 365 help the Education sector?

Server-Led IT for

Reduce (or eliminate) device costs

True Server-Led IT implementations will revolutionise the way you budget.

Device-based costs

Running devices as lower-spec as Rasberry Pi’s has worked for some institutions; for others, user requirements might dictate devices with a little more power – thin clients or Android devices, for example. A proof of concept (PoC) would help you establish your specific needs.

Standardise computing experiences

One less excuse for not doing the homework.

Consistent experience

The Server-Led implementation allows users to access their Institution desktop – along with all necessary work and applications – from any device.


Server-Led IT is (and always will be) far less risk than Device-Led.

Bank-grade security

Delivery partner, Atlas Cloud, have been audited by high-compliance Financial institutions and also the UK Government, as they are listed in G-Cloud 11. The Server-Led approach is known as a far more robust methodology to traditional IT implementations as it eliminates numerous unnecessary risks.

Education Sector Applications

We’ve hosted countless legacy and on-premise software for our customers. In the education sector there is a growing understanding that applications that support and enable the education process need to be much more available, for teachers, students, admin staff, and even parents. Common application types include Student Information Systems, Learning / Homework Management, Progress and Performance Tracking, Exam Revision and Preparation, Resource Repositories, and even Trip Planning, 

We’re yet to find an application we couldn’t host. Here are just a few examples of education orientated apps that customers may wish to host or, in the case of web or SaaS solutions, make more secure.

Education Sector In The News

Education data breach epidemic

The Education Data Breach Epidemic

What's happening?

​More than 700 data breaches at schools and academies reported in just the last year.

Why is it avoidable?

Physically transferring data introduces a significant element of human risk and passing it through a 3rd party increases this even further. Desktop 365 virtualises your data stores so they can instantly be accessed by any of your offices when required. Sensitive data never has to leave your network, signifcantly reducing the risk of receiving hefty fines relating to data breach. Malicious access is restricted via Multi-Factor Authentication, heavily encrypted communications between your network and data centres, and storing data virtually and never on susceptible devices.

Facilitating compliance

Desktop 365 is a highly certified solution which means that your company can benefit from partnering with us on your IT infrastructure. Our data centres are also ISO 27001 compliant so you can be confident in our third party partners too.

All of this helps our customers to be compliant with legal regulations as well as to obtain certification of their own. See our current cerifications below.

What's Next?

The Desktop 365

See how Desktop 365 differs from a standard desktop.

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