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Find out if Desktop 365 is compatible with your organisations applications, whether on-prem, SaaS, graphic-intensive or bespoke.

Why Desktop 365 for apps?

Every organisation has one or two business-critical application that they can’t run without.

While the cloud offers a world of benefits, swapping your on-premise apps for SaaS means you can lose an element of control. In these GDPR governed times it’s a risk that’s unacceptable to most. It’s also unnecessary thanks to Desktop 365.
Designed to integrate seamlessly with on-premise applications, Desktop 365 provides the restriction-free experience of SaaS with all the familiarity and functionality of your existing systems. On the flip-side, if you’re running or wish to move to a SaaS app, then Desktop 365 can offer the kind of granular control over that application that’s not been possible in the past.
Ultimately, Desktop 365 is about helping organisations make the most of existing applications, without needing to adopt anything new.

Desktop 365 and
on-prem apps

Desktop 365 is a ready-to-go solution designed with on-premise (or ‘on-prem’) software and applications in mind.

It doesn’t matter what language your software is written in – SQL, C#, etc. – this doesn’t restrict the use of Desktop 365.
There are actually only two limiting factors when it comes to migrating applications into your next-generation Desktop 365 environment: licencing requirements and compatibility with Citrix.

Licensing issues crop up so infrequently that you can all but assume your apps will be allowed to run on Desktop 365. Compatibility issues, on the other hand, are more to do with the experience and expertise of your delivery partner. Thankfully, Desktop 365 is implemented by award-winning cloud experts Atlas Cloud, a company proud to succeed where others have failed. So, even if you’ve previously attempted to run your on-prem apps through Citrix, it’s worthwhile taking another look.

Desktop 365 and
SaaS apps

Unlike traditional Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDIs), Desktop 365 is a solution that gives companies as much control over SaaS applications as you’d expect from on-premise installations.

It’s all achieved with what, on the face of it, appears to be a relatively simple Single Sign-On (SSO) to your company’s approved applications. But, through that simple SSO, GDPR-governed organisations can gain a world of control.
Desktop 365 works just as effectively with SaaS or web applications as it does with more traditional, on-premise applications. It provides a central access point to all application types, affording companies the granular control and transparency (e.g. through access restrictions and usage analytics) that SaaS applications are unable to supply.

Desktop 365 and
graphic-intensive apps

Whether Designers, Engineers or Analysts; Desktop 365 gives your users the power they require.
Desktop 365 delivery partners, Atlas Cloud, are experts in delivering virtualised solutions for a vast range of use cases. Working closely with industry leading graphics provider NVIDIA, they offer a seamless, restriction-free experience to critical, resource-hungry applications such as AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite, Solidworks and more.

Desktop 365 and
bespoke apps

Desktop 365 works with bespoke applications developed specifically for an organisation as well as popular applications that have been heavily customised.
Atlas Cloud, Desktop 365’s experienced delivery partners, have been implementing bespoke hosting solutions for almost a decade, including notoriously tricky SQL servers. In fact, when it comes to migrating your bespoke applications to Desktop 365, there are only two limiting factors as detailed in the on-prem apps section above.

Example Applications

A quick taste of just some of the applications compatible with Desktop 365. Or you can check your app here.

CAD Software – including Autodesk’s AutoCAD and SketchBook

Project Management Software – including Oracle Primavera P6

Geographic Information Systems – including ArcGIS

N.B. This list is far from exhaustive.

Check your app

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